SureCut™ Cutting Blades are 100% recyclable and can be recycled with common household plastics.

The Edge™ Lawn Mower Blade System was chosen the  #1 product of 2009 by Equipment Dealer magazine.

#1 Product 2009

Never sharpen lawn mower blades again!

The Edge™ replacement lawn mower blades will save time and money

What is The Edgeâ„¢?

The Edgeâ„¢ is a complete, lawn mower cutting blade system which never needs sharpening! It's simple to install and easy to use. Just replace your steel lawn mower blade with The Edgeâ„¢ Blade Attachment Bar and patented SureCutâ„¢ Plastic Steel Cutting Blades. The SureCut'sâ„¢ sharp design Lifts, Cuts and Mulches in one step.

When the Plastic Steel Cutting Blades need replacement, just turn off the mower, pop off the Cutting Blades and slide on two new super-sharp SureCutâ„¢ Plastic Steel Cutting Blades. You're ready to go in under two minutes!

Why struggle to remove an old-fashioned steel blade?

Anyone who has changed a lawn mower blade has lived this madding scene: Time consumed by removing the mower's spark plug and gas. Then propping aside the blade with a block of wood. And don't forget to hope the center nut and washer will release and you don't scrape your knuckles. After all that work, the blade still needs to be sharpened. Really, who has time for all that?

Let The Edgeâ„¢ save you time, money and frustration


How does it work?

•    Replace your lawn mower blade with The Edgeâ„¢ Steel Blade Attachment Bar.
•    Slide the SureCutâ„¢ Plastic Steel Cutting Edges into the slot on the Steel Blade Attachment Bar until secure. (Remember, always turn off your mower first!)
•    Move your hands away from the deck and start your mower. Natural centrifugal force locks the SureCutâ„¢ Edges securely in place. A double locking safety system ensures SureCutâ„¢ Edges never dislodge during mowing.
•    When it's time for replacement, SureCutâ„¢ Plastic Steel Cutting Blades are quick and simple to remove with a flat screwdriver and a few taps with a mallet.


How much money can I save by using The Edgeâ„¢ system?

Average cost to sharpen a steel blade is around $10 each blade. The SureCutâ„¢ Plastic Steel Cutting Edges cost around half the cost (when purchased in bulk). If you manage a lawn care business, you know how these costs can add up quickly.

Can plastic steel edges really cut my lawn?

Definitely! You already know many weed trimmers use a simple plastic string to trim lawn edges.
SureCutâ„¢ Plastic Steel Cutting Edges are made of a high impact resistant polyethylene material that offers excellent resistance to stress and cracking. The longevity is similar to a steel blade when used under normal cutting conditions. Plus, SureCutâ„¢ Plastic Steel Cutting Edges are Quick, Easy and Safe.